London Cleaning House offers a range of gardening services in London and Greater London such as tree pruning, hedge trimming and shaping, lawn care , weeding, planting etc. We also offer free quotes over the phone and flexible viewing times in the London area, no matter how large or small the job is.

Since many people with gardens find it hard, or simply annoying to maintain them, in the past years we worked hard and developed this service. Everyone wants a beautiful, tidy and clean green space. Gardens, however, require a lot of work and attention. Regular maintenance is the key to having a good looking outdoor space. Whether your lawn needs cutting, some branches have overgrown and need trimming or maybe weeds have taken over the whole garden, do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are available every day of the week and we only work with highly experienced, professional gardening technicians. They come equipped with everything that might be needed in order to transform your garden back to its former glory. If you are not sure what needs to be done in your garden, simply give us a call. The office agents will make sure to explain everything to you and suggest what would be best in your particular situation. We usually send someone to your property who will see what the size and condition of the property are and discuss the project with you.

Possible viewings are arranged at a convenient time – early in the morning, during office hours, in the evenings or even at the weekends. We ensure that all our staff is well trained, dedicated and hard working.

To make sure that our customer service is on a high level, we work with a small staff that we fully trust and know to be of top quality. The gardening services we offers are:

Tree pruning

Sometimes the trees in our gardens get out of hand. It is not an easy task to trim an overgrown tree and it requires professional tools and a lot of experience. Overgrown branches usually block the sunlight to the garden but can also be a potential danger to your property. Trust out technicians, they will use special equipment and can take down the branch or tree safely and efficiently. We suggest you do not attempt such actions on your own since it can be extremely dangerous.

Hedge trimming

Many gardens contain hedges which owners or tenants are not able to maintain due to their overgrown size. We have all the necessary equipment and skills to carry out such work. Do not worry if your hedges and bushes are going wild. Trimming those requires special equipment and experience. How about you tell us what size and shape you wish them to be and we do just that for you. Having your hedges trimmed will result in your garden looking more spacious and brighter.

Lawn care

Lawns are a statement piece for every garden. Maintaining one’s lawn in a good, healthy condition is quite the job. People rarely find the time to do so and often don’t really know how to keep it healthy. Our lawn care service includes: Lawn mowing (not only maintains the good looks but also improves the healthy grass growth), turfing, fertilizing and overseeding. In case of any bald patches, yellow grass or other troubles you might have, you can tell us and we will make sure to resolve them for you.


This service is perfect for when the invasive weeds have taken over your beautiful garden. It includes removing unwanted plants from patios, paving joints and any other surfaces. The technicians will also remove algae and moss from the walls of your garden. We know how annoying this can be so we use top quality weed-killing solutions after removing the weeds. This prevents them from growing in the future. All the chemicals we use are safe and non-toxic so you do not have to worry about your health.

Garden Waste removing

Garden waste removal is not part of the gardener’s job, however, we can do it upon request and for an additional charge. Other gardening services we offer are planting, Garden Tidy Ups, Garden maintenance, Tree surgery, Grass cutting, Leaf clearing, Fencing and turfing.

Why choose us?

  • Fast Booking

    We have a fast booking process which allows you to customize your service and book really fast.

  • Trained specialist

    Our cleaning specialist are trained and vetted. They have many years of experience which will make your home shiny.

  • Eco friendly detergents

    We use only high quality eco friendly detergent which are safe for you and your family.

Gardening Services

  • Lawn Mowing£45/h
  • Hedge Trimming£45/h

We want to help you achieve that dream garden of yours. All gardening technicians use top quality petrol equipment and take on any job that might be found in the garden. Feel free to call our office agents, explain what you need to get done in your garden and they will organise a team for you. We work 7 days a week, including all holidays for your convenience.

Bettany Harrison, Harrow:“ I could not be happier with my garden. I go out every day to enjoy my tea outside and am so amazed by how beautiful it is now. Thanks to your gardeners that did everything in just one afternoon. They fixed my lawn, trimmed my hedges and trees and planted new flowers around the house. It is so beautiful, thank you so much!”

Jim Hastings, Redbridge:“ I always struggle with my garden maintenance. My neighbour recommended this company and i decided to give it a try. The gardeners arrived on time, brought professional tools and did everything i asked for. The price was so low i could not believe it. Great results, i am very pleased with the job done.”

You can contact us via phone, e-mail us at or just submit a contact form list and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Our phone number is 020 3745 6261

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