Proper maintenance of your upholstery can keep it looking good and prolong its life. Why replace your beloved settees when you can have them maintained by professional upholstery cleaners! This is where London Cleaning House can assist you. We will restore your soft furnishings to their original attractiveness and freshness. We will deep clean and remove built in dust that might cause various allergies.

We know how annoying it can be to clean stains from your upholstery. Most of the time one does not achieve any results when trying to do this on their own. It is important to know the various kinds of materials and how they react with different stains and products. It is incredibly easy to damage the surface of your furniture if you don’t use the correct chemical for the particular case. This is why we suggest you leave that to us. Our technicians are trained in upholstery cleaning and can clean to British Standards Requirements using the latest equipment and top of the shelf products that clean and bring to life all soiled upholstery and fabrics. London Cleaning House provides specialty cleaning and stain removal for sofas, cushions, mattresses, rugs, carpets, upholstered walls and almost any furnishings.

As it is highly inconvenient to take down your curtains, remove the hooks and bring them to the dry cleaners for a few days, we also offer professional curtain cleaning where we come on-site and clean your curtains while they are still hanging, leaving them smelling fresh and clean!

Our technicians also offer Dry Organic Solvent Cleaning depending on the type of fabric for the ones that are not suitable for Hot Water Extraction Cleaning (Steam Clean). This is a fairly new technique but rest assured it is as efficient. We usually use it for more delicate fabrics or not so heavily-stained ones.

Here is how the usual Steam Cleaning procedure goes:

  1. First and most important, our technicians will run some tests to determine the type of materials used on your upholstery. This includes a burn test as well as a pH test. This is crucial to the following steps since choosing the correct method and detergent will result in impeccable cleaning with no damage done to the upholstery.
  2. Then we vacuum the whole surface in order to remove all dust and hairs from it. This makes the cleaning process easier and smoother.
  3. Then we treat the problematic areas by using spot removers to break up any stains within the upholstery. As we mentioned above, it is very important to know what kind of product to use on a certain fabric. Fortunately, our professional technicians are trained to do that and have a lot of experience in the field.
  4. Next is the actual steam cleaning process and it is much like vacuuming. We go over the upholstery surface with the steam cleaner. This machinery uses hot steam ( up to 120 degrees) to dissolve the stains completely and remove them from your furniture.
  5. After that, the technicians extract the moisture which includes all the pre-treatment solutions. As we are using most modern equipment, the powerful cleaning machines will extract up to 90% of the moisture. In a few hours you will be able to use your sofas and armchairs again and there is no need to leave them damp for days to dry out.
  6. The technique known as hot water extraction or steam cleaning can be used on any type of upholstery. The process does not sacrify the effectiveness and quality of your setees. The high temperature steam, agitation, and pre-treatment sprays combine to prolong the life of your carpet and leave it fresh smelling, clean and disinfected.

Once the desired upholstery is cleaned, we offer and highly recommend application of protection solution, known as Scotchgard. It reduces permanent stains, helps save your mostly used areas from becoming destroyed from sitting and scratching, makes your next professional cleaning more effective and prolongs the life of your upholstery. We are thinking clean and green and use upholstery cleaning products that are effective, biodegradable, environmentally friendly and non-allergenic.

Here are some other benefits you gain by choosing our company:

Why choose us?

  • Fast Booking

    We have a fast booking process which allows you to customize your service and book really fast.

  • Trained specialist

    Our cleaning specialist are trained and vetted. They have many years of experience which will make your home shiny.

  • Eco friendly detergents

    We use only high quality eco friendly detergent which are safe for you and your family.

Our upholstery cleaning technicians would like to share some tips and tricks with you. This will help you maintain your upholstery clean for longer and prolong its life.

  • Treat your upholstery like a carpet. Vacuum its surface once a week (at least), including under and between the cushions. This will prevent dust, dirt and hairs gathering on the surface of it. It will appear cleaner and you will prevent unpleasant odours from occurring.
  • Do not attempt any cleaning on your own since as we mentioned before, you can seriously damage the surface of your upholstery or make the stain impossible to be cleaned in the future. Different stains require a different approach so it is important to know exactly how to deal with a specific situation.

Check out our upholstery cleaning prices below:

Upholstery Cleaners

  • Upholstered Armchairfrom £18
  • Office Chairfrom £4
  • Dining Chairfrom £6
  • Sofa – Two Seatfrom £30
  • Sofa – Three Seatfrom £45
* Minimum call out charge is £55

Savannah Stone, Islington:“I have some authentic upholstery from my great-grandma’s house. I never thought i will be able to clean it just because it is so old and delicate. However, these guys proved me wrong. They came over, ran some tests and explained how they would clean my sofas and armchairs. They did that in less than two hours. My grandma would be proud to see her furniture so fresh and clean looking! Amazing service, thank you so much!”

Marco Ramos, Camden:“ I own a small cafe and I have the upholstery there cleaned once every two weeks. You can imagine with the large number of people, the furniture gets quite worn out and dirty. Since i have been using this service, it looks so neat and new. I am very pleased and will continue working with this company for sure.”

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